Home Moving

Home moving day is almost here! You searched “movers near me” or “home movers near me” and hired local home movers. You are all packed up and Ready 2 Roll! Confident in your decision, you lay your worries to rest. And as you are laying down it hits you… “How are my movers going to protect my items and protect both my current home and new home? Do I need to purchase additional materials to protect my items for my move? Do I only need two men and a truck or more men? If you hired Ready 2 Roll, worry no more, we have you covered! Our protection for ALL of your items comes standard. And the training our movers go through when they are hired will protect your home or living quarters from damage during your move. Lets break down everything we do to help put your mind at ease. We encourage customers to use this information to help them be better prepared. Also keep in mind that time is money, so anything extra you can do will help give you a more affordable move!

Professional Movers Who Care

At Ready 2 Roll Moving it’s built within our standard to take protection very seriously! Our goal is for no item to be left behind and to arrive in its original condition during your move. We always aim for perfection. Our professional movers take pride in their work and we include protective measures at no extra cost. All of our materials we use for protection are included in our services, including plastic wrap, heavy duty moving blankets,
ratchet straps, shoulder dollies, door jambs, door stops, banister pads and other items specific to protecting your valuable items. We make sure that every item is either wrapped in our special packing wrap or wrapped in our special heavy duty moving blankets. Our rubber band method also ensures quick wrapping and unwrapping of items without sacrificing protection, one thing that sets us apart from our competitors. This also helps keep the surfaces free of any residue from tape. We will truly go above and beyond to make sure your items are
transported in a manner that is safe and efficient. Reach out to us and we will take care of all of your home moving needs!

How You Can Help Your Movers

There is no doubt you will want to be involved in your move at some capacity. You may want to help pack moving items, box your items, move certain furniture to other rooms, etc..One of the best ways you can help make your move more efficient and decrease the chances of damaging home structures is by making items easier to move. Safer transit of items will always help prevent damage. However, what you might consider more efficient or safer may not always be the case, that is why we recommend reaching out us to ask what items you should relocate and where is the best place to relocate them for your movers. Read below for the best ways to help your professional movers at your local moving company.

5 Best Ways To Help Your Home Movers

Empty all of your furniture of excess items

Emptying your furniture makes moving furniture easier to carry for your professional home movers. It This is important for safer transport of both the items within the piece of furniture and the piece of furniture itself. Lighter objects and furniture will also be easier to navigate to prevent damage to any home structures.

Disassemble any beds or furniture that will need to be transported

We know this takes more of your time and can sometimes be a challenge, but it will also help your home movers navigate through tight areas. It will also save time in the event that we will actually have no choice but to disassemble the item/furniture in order to transport it. We understand that this can be tedious and difficult for some people, that’s why at Ready 2 Roll, we are more than willing to do both disassemble and reassemble your items and furniture if you prefer!

Take fragile and expensive items yourself in a personal vehicle

At Ready 2 Roll, we always recommend for our clients to take more fragile pieces and expensive items when they can. While we take every precaution to protect your items and are proud of our track record, there is always a chance of something getting broke when there are massive quantities of items moved together in one vehicle.

Separate more fragile and/or expensive items and label them as such

In the previous paragraph we recommended to take these items personally, however we understand that some items are too big or you would prefer for us to handle the items and manage the logistics. In fact, at Ready 2 Roll Moving, we perform jobs that just require expensive item transportation, so we are experienced and will take care of your items. What will help us prior to our arrival is labeling the more fragile and expensive items and, if possible, separating them for safe, quick, and efficient transportation.

Measure your large items

Measuring is often an overlooked strategy. Always measure! In fact, we recommend measuring at least twice for accuracy. You don’t want to deal with the frustration of having a piece of furniture or expensive item that will not fit during transportation or fit where it needs to go in your new home. Not having the right dimensions or measurements will cause you to be stuck at the crossroads of sacrificing your item or the protection of home structures. For example, you bought an expensive sectional couch that came in pieces. You put it together in your previous home. However, you have more narrow hallways at your new residence. Tight turns and banisters are right where you need to transport the couch. Will the couch fit? Yikes!!!
Don’t underestimate the value of measuring! Of course, we can help with your measurements as well if you do not feel confident about your ability to measure. If you would like to learn how to measure in addition to other helpful DY home projects, we recommend visiting The Spruce. They provide very useful DY tools and information.

That wraps up our blog for today! Remember, we are here to put your mind at ease and give you a smooth move with our home movers! When you are ready to go, we are Ready 2 Roll! Contact us for all of your moving needs. Remember no job is too small or too big!